Defensive Driving Course

The most innovative Defensive Driving Program available! Plus you can remove 3 demerit points from your driving record!

In Canada each year:

  • Over 900,000 collisions are reported, resulting in
  • 180,000 injuries
  • and 2,419 fatalities

This costs Canadians $30 Billion per year or $85 Million per day. (AMA study, 1996)

The advantage of this modularized Defensive Driving course is that the session is tailored to your needs.

Length of Course: 8 hours


  • The Attitude People
  • Valid 3  years
  • Authorized by the Alberta Government


Section A: Compulsory Modules:

  • A-1 Concepts and Definitions of Defensive Driving
  • A-2 Following & Passing
  • A-3 Driving Impairments

Section B: Professional Modules (Will include one of the following modules)

  • B-1 Professional City Drivers (Taxis, Couriers, Security, etc…)
  • B-2 Professional Drivers of Pick-ups & Light Trucks
  • B-3 Big Rigs PDIC (GODI Equivalency)
  • B-4 Gravel & Off-road
  • B-5 Professional Drivers of Buses & Coaches
  • B-6 Hours of Service

Section C: Special Driving Conditions and Situations (Will include 2 of the following modules)

  • C-1 Winter Driving
  • C-2 Special Conditions (Railways, Animals, Technologies, etc…)
  • C-3 City vs. Highway and Rural Driving
  • C-4 Low Speed Maneuvers – Parking, Reversing, Turning, etc…
  • C-5 Coupling/Uncoupling & Tire Chain-Up
  • C-7 Journey Management
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