Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

This course is equivalent to Enform’s GODI (General Oilfield Driver Improvement) course and is required for anyone seeking employment in the oil and gas sector.  Employers often look for workers who have this course if work requires them to drive company-owned vehicles.

Remove 3 Demerit Points From Your Driving Record!

Length of Course: 8 hours


  • The Attitude People
  • Valid 3 years
  • Authorized by the Alberta Government


Section A: Compulsory Modules

  • A-1 Concepts and Definitions of Defensive Driving
  • A-2 Following & Passing
  • A-3 Driving Impairments

Section B: Professional Module

  • B-3 Big Rigs PDIC (GODI Equivalency)

Section C: Special Driving Conditions and Situations (Will include 2 of the following modules)

  • C-1 Winter Driving
  • C-2 Special Conditions (Railways, Animals, Technologies, etc…)
  • C-3 City vs. Highway and Rural Driving
  • C-4 Low Speed Maneuvers—Parking, Reversing, Turning, etc…
  • C-5 Coupling/Uncoupling & Tire Chain-Up
  • C-7 Journey Management
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