Below are some of the most popular questions we’re asked about first aid, CPR and safety training. If you don’t find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact our office!

about First Aid

Are your First Aid & CPR courses recognized by my employer or educational institution?
Yes. They are taught in accordance with and meet Alberta Workplace Health and Safety Requirements.

Do I need to do First Aid training every year?
Certification is valid for a 3-year period.

I have a Standard First Aid Certificate that is coming due. What are my options?
If your card has not yet expired, you qualify to do a re-certification for first aid. This is a one-day program designed to retest your skills and give you updates on changes that have occurred.

…about CPR

Do I have to take CPR every year?
While First Aid courses are valid for 3 years, most healthcare related occupations require annual CPR recertification. CPR must be refreshed every 12-15 months in order to remain valid.

My last Healthcare Provider CPR certification was over 12 months ago; do I have to take a Full CPR Course?
Recent changes to the Heart & Stroke Foundation guidelines have resulted in 12 month expiry dates being strictly enforced. If your certificate is expired, you will have to enrol in a Full HCP course.

I took my last course with another recognized training agency. Can I still do a recertification with Second Chance CPR?
Absolutely, if you meet the above requirement.

about Safety

Are your Safety courses recognized in the industry?
Yes. H 2 S Alive ® is ENFORM certified and recognized worldwide. OSSA Fall Protection is offered through the Fall Protection Group and Touchback Safety. WHMIS and TDG are published by Danatec Educational Services Ltd. and accredited by Alberta infrastructure. OSSA Confined Space Entry / Monitor and OSSA Regional Orientation courses are offered through Fusion Safety Services and follow Workplace Health and Safety codes and regulations. Ground Disturbance Level II is certified by Global Training Centre and recognized by industry and government.

My H2S Alive ® certificate is expiring in 3 months. What are my options?
If you currently hold an H2S Alive ® certificate and it is still valid by more than 3 months, you are eligible to enroll in the H2S Alive ® Challenge course. During this course, you are tested on your practical skills only. This takes considerably less time that doing the complete course however, you must be adequately prepared to be tested. You may also choose to redo the course. There is no grace period.

Can I challenge the H2S Alive ® course every time I need to certify?
No. The H2S Alive ® certificate can only be challenged after having previously completed a full course. ENFORM does not permit challenge courses done back to back.

Why doesn’t my WHMIS certificate have an expiry date?
There is no expiry date for WHMIS, but it does have to be updated. Most companies use a guideline of three years, however more frequent updates may be required.

I have a Confined Space certificate that is expiring soon. Can I challenge the course before it becomes outdated?
No. Currently there is no provision in place to challenge the OSSA Confined Space course.

I have a Confined Space Entry certificate. Can I upgrade to the Rescue certificate if I do the required components?
Depending on the certificate you hold, there may be a provision to complete a rescue simulation to receive your Rescue certificate. This must be a site-specific situation.  Please contact us to inquire further.

I lost my certificate. Do I have to take the course over again?
No. We keep records and can replace lost cards for a small fee.

I have been told I need OSSA Confined Space Entry / Monitor Training. There are entry training courses and rescue training courses. Which one do I need?
The OSSA Confined Space Entry / Monitor course we offer through Fusion Safety Services is what most people need to have in order to work in the Oilsands industry. Confined Space Training for Rescue is only required if you are going to be part of a rescue team or your employer requires you to have the rescue component. Ask your employer which certification you need.