Air Brakes Online Course (Study Guide/Refresher ONLY)

Air BrakesThis online Air Brakes course is an ideal study aid for anyone preparing to write an Alberta Air Brake test at a vehicle registry office, or anyone who needs a post-course refresher to update or maintain their skills and knowledge of air brakes.

Components of this online training in Air Brakes include the full Alberta curriculum, interactive activities, as well as practice tests. You can run the program through from start to finish, or move back and forth as needed.


  • Fundamentals of air brake techniques
  • Mechanics and operation
  • Helping drivers avoid crashes
  • Liability
  • Down time

Watch a short video for a preview of the course or purchase online and jump right in. Online safety courses are invaluable tools when it comes to safety for you and your co-workers, your career and your livelihood.


  • Approximately 45 minutes
  • Written Exam

NOTE: Certification in this online air brakes course shows completion. It is not meant to replace a full air brake course, but will certainly prepare you to write your exam.

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