Industrial Fall Protection

The Industrial Fall Protection (IFP) course is ideal for any individual or company that does not need an OSSA Fall Protection certificate (ie. roofers, electricians, construction labourers, etc.)

Length of Course: 8 hours


  • Industrial Fall Protection
  • Valid 3 years
  • Complies with Industry and Workplace Health & Safety Standards

Course Outline

  • Review of current Alberta legislation pertaining to fall protection
  • Fall protection plans
  • Required fall protection methods at a work site
  • Identification of fall hazards
  • Assessment and selection of specific anchors that the worker may use
  • Correct use of connecting hardware
  • Effects of a fall on the human body
  • Maximum arresting force
  • Purpose of shock and energy absorbers, swing fall, free fall pre‐use inspection
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Practice in inspecting, fitting, adjusting and connecting fall protection systems and components, and emergency response procedures

Falling accounts for 17% of all workplace injury claims. The construction industry has the highest number of falls of all industries. In 2008 Alberta recorded 5589 total falls 10 of which were fatal. It is critical that you and your employer have a Fall Protection Plan and that each worker has proper training in fall hazards when working at heights. Your course will include a combination of theory and practical components to give you a real hands on approach with many types of equipment that are used for fall protection. Some of the equipment you will work with include temporary anchors, various connectors like lanyards, snap hooks and carabiners.