"My H2S Alive Instructor was the best I've ever had! He was engaging and informative.  I'll be back!  - Chad"
"I really liked how we all got to work together as a team. It makes it a great environment! Keep up the great work!"
"I have taken 2 courses and never really understood why CPR was done. The instructor explained what breaths and compressions actually do. I really appreciated this...Loved Jeopardy!"
"The instructor did a great job, being so positive and energetic. Made it easier to get through the weekend."
"I liked the location and the training, as well as the way the topics were arranged. Our instructor showed a lot of skill and gave us a good idea of how to handle real-life situations."
"I really liked the humor and "straightforwardness" of the course. The instructor made the dry material really exciting. It was a fantastic course that was super hands-on."
"I really enjoyed getting involved with other classmates to do the medical emergency scenarios. There wasn't anything i didn't like doing!"
"I like the hands-on approach and having to work through scenarios - especially where something happens that's unexpected. Very good information, new things I never learned in university."
"The instructor made me feel free to ask questions. Her examples and illustrations were clear and concise...She is gifted in making an otherwise dry subject interesting!"
"Very engaging and thorough. The instructor was outstanding - extremely lively, knowledgeable and inspired confidence. Also a good combination of book and practical training."