First Aid & CPR Courses

First Aid Training

Basic first aid skills can help you properly care for a broken arm or can make a difference between life and death. We all hope we never come across such extreme emergency situations, but imagine if you did and you didn’t know how to help. Taking first aid training such as Basic First Aid or Intermediate First Aid will teach you how to correctly deal with minor injuries and give you the skills and confidence you need to prepare you for serious medical emergencies.

Our first aid courses include:

CPR Training

Everyone has their own motivation for learning CPR. It may be a work requirement, you may know someone at risk for a heart attack or stroke, or you may simply have an interest in the subject matter. The bottom line is the same – knowing CPR can save a life. Learn more information about the various levels of CPR offered by Second Chance CPR & First Aid.

Learn more about our CPR courses: