OSSA Fire Watch

The OSSA Fire Watch course Recommended for supervisors and workers to protect yourself, your workplace and your workers while conducting hot work. Workers or supervisors must ensure that the risk of fires and explosions are eliminated or controlled while participating in hot work. This OSSA course give you the skills needed to prevent, predict and control fires and sources of ignition. Upon completion of this course you will know the Classification of Fires, Rescue and Escape Planning, Extinguishing Agents, Duties and Responsibilities of a Fire Watch, and the Proper Sequence for Extinguishing a Fire

We offer the OSSA Fire Watch program through CICT.

Length of Course: 4 hours


  • We offer the OSSA Fire Watch program through Canadian Industrial & Construction Training
  • OSSA Accredited
  • Valid 3 years
  • Complies with Workplace Health & Safety Standards

Course Outline

  • OH&S Act/Regulation/Code
  • Hazard Assessment, Elimination and Control
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response & Rescue
  • Confined Spaces (Testing the Atmosphere)
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Fire & Explosion Hazards (Atmospheres/Prohibitions/Hot Work)
  • PPE
  • Alberta Fire Code (Hazardous Processes/Building & Occupant Safety/Equipment)
  • National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA)
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Design & Installation of Oxygen-Fuel Gas Systems
    • Fire Prevention during Hot Work



Students will receive certificate upon successful completion of the course.